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The Next Gathering

The Radical Routes Spring Gathering


Dates: 12-14th May 2017

Venue: Hockerton Housing Project, Mystery Hill, Gables Dr, Hockerton, Southwell NG25 0QU 
 Hosted by From The Earth This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /07804 885 010


Children at the Gathering
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TELL US IF YOU ARE BRINGING CHILDREN.  Please email Kids group contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and cc host coop with the following details: 1- name of child(ren) and carer and contact details   2 - what age  3- dietary requirements (beyond vegan)  4- other accessibility needs  5 which days you would like childcare  6- Roaming Range / supervision requirements e.g.(I want my child to stay in kids space/can roam in the venue unsupervised/can go anywhere they like unsupervised)  7- which coop you are from 
The kid’s space is being run at the venue by the Kids Working Group. Please let us and the venue know if you‘re coming so they know numbers. They may well be going outdoors so it would be good to bring wet weather gear and wellies. We try to  plan lots of great activities for kids including trips out and creative games sometimes we might go climbing so bring trainers too. Food & snacks will be kid friendly & vegan.  (Further information about Kid's group set- up can found in the agenda).


Venue Information


This is a field gathering hosted on the land of Hockerton Housing Project (HHP). We are doing our best to make it as accessible as possible. There are fairly wide ground level compost toilets on a hard standing. These are wide enough to get a wheel chair into but not wide enough to turn around in. We are hoping there will be access boards from the toilets/parking to the meeting marquees but these have not been confirmed. There will be heated cabin as a chill out/warm up space. The accommodation is camping but if you cannot camp there might be bed/floor space with residents or in the social space, we can also lend tents/mats if necessary. The catering is being done by Veggies, the meal tickets will be £15 for the weekend, or £12 for Sat & Sun. If you have any dietary requirements please let Janine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) know. If anyone attending the gathering can not camp or has any other access needs please get in touch with access group via (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you can arrive early and/or leave late we will need help setting up marquees and taking them down. This would be greatly appreciated from Thursday afternoon and till Monday morning. We also need help with drivers that can do shuttle runs.
This is the first time HHP has hosted anything like this so they are anxious about it but they are also optimistic that they might be up for doing it again if it goes well. The gathering will be in one area of the site and access to the houses will be restricted to guided tours, please respect this. The lake is strictly out of bounds.


The all-inclusive instructions for getting to the Gathering at Hockerton Housing Project:
Coming by vehicle The address for Sat Nav is Mystery Hill, Gables Dr, Hockerton, Southwell NG25 0QU. If you can offer a lift to anyone or use your vehicle for shuttle runs from Newark to Hockerton (7.5 miles), or Southwell to Hockerton (2.5 miles), please offer up your services! See shuttle section.
Public transport Nearest train stations are: Newark Northgate (if you’re coming up from London or down from Edinburgh direction on the Virgin East Coast line). Nottingham station (if you’re coming on East Midlands from Liverpool/Manchester/Sheffield, or from Norwich)
Getting to Hockerton from Newark Northgate: Bus 28 runs from Newark bus station (1 mile from Newark Northgate station) to Southwell (Minster) until 19.10. The journey is 25 minutes. From there you can walk (2.5 miles) or go to the shuttle. https://bustimes.org.uk/services/em_18-28-_-y08?date=2017-04-07 
Getting to Hockerton from Nottingham Bus 100 runs from Nottingham to Southwell (2.5 miles from Hockerton) usually at 13 and 43 past the hour (nearest stop is King Street, about half a mile from the train station). The journey is about 45 minutes. Get off at Park Terrace in Southwell and from there you can walk or go to the shuttle. https://www.nctx.co.uk/timetables-tickets-maps/buses-lines/bus/100
Cycling (Walking) Newark to Hockerton: You can easily book bikes on the Virgin East Coast line if you buy a ticket at https://www.virgintrainseastcoast.com Hockerton is 7.5 miles from Newark along an initially fairly busy main road out of Newark, and then the A617 from Kelham (not so busy, slightly hilly) or slightly further if you take the off road route. If you’re walking, there are few pavements on the main road cycling route but great tracks if you go off road starting at the sugar factory on the edge of Newark. This route is probably about 10-12 miles.
Nottingham to Hockerton: You can book bikes on East Midlands services by calling up 03457 125 678 on online using their Cycle Reservation form. Hockerton is 16.4 miles from Nottingham, mostly along the A612. This is quiet late at night but quite busy during the day. If you want to reduce the cycle, there is a train from Nottingham to Newark Castle (20 mins, £6.20 single), which is only 7 miles from Hockerton.
Walking from Southwell: It’s 2.5 miles from Southwell where you’d get off the bus, to Hockerton, along Hockerton road. It’s a fairly quiet road with wide verges. Shuttle from Newark Northgate or Southwell We would like to coordinate a shuttle service from Newark Northgate (7.5 miles), and from Southwell (2.5 miles) to Hockerton. The Newark shuttle would ideally run hourly at approximately 45 past the hour from Newark Northgate train station. The Southwell shuttle would ideally run half-hourly (05 and 35 past the hour) probably from the Church Street car park opposite the Minster, coordinating with bus no. 100 from Nottingham, and bus 28 from Newark. Both shuttles would ideally run throughout the evening and could also be offered for people arriving for any afternoon workshops or set-up. If you can offer a shuttle at any of these times Or if you are likely to need a place in the shuttle Or if you will need disabled access to the shuttle service Please get in touch with Joy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 07570 105 135
Hitching Hitchers, you know the craft best! Travel well and adventuresomely! See you there







false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4Gathering TimetableSkillshares 

Wages of Cooperation - Practicalities of cooperative working in a capitalist system.
 Morning Business Meeting 
10.00  Announcements: domestics, kids, celebration of achievements, etc 
10.10  Introduction round incl. new groups and new people. 
10.15  (a) New groups & people go to “Intro to Radical Routes” meeting. 
(b) Member co-ops continue with business meeting. 
(c) How to set up a workers co-op 
Business Meeting Agenda 
1.  Appointment of minute-taker. 
2.  Clarification of representatives: reps of member/associate co-ops state who they are 
3.  Apologies (through Secretarial Group only) 
4.  Acceptance of minutes from previous gathering. 
5.  Matters arising from minutes of previous gathering. 
6.  Working group reports… to include (a) reports on work done since previous gathering;(b) current needs; (c) specify contact person and contact details for each working group. 
7.  RR Work Commitments for the previous quarter. 
8.   Applications for membership – Roost, SNARL 
9.   Proposals (non-Finance)-  
10.  Any other business 
12.00  Radical Routes A.G.M 
12.45  Lunch 
1.30  (a) “Introduction to RR Finance”  
(b) Member Co-ops – Finance Meeting 
Finance Meeting Agenda 
1.  Finance Group report & briefing 
3.   Rootstock report & briefing 
4.  Loan Applications(a) Wild Peak (renewal)(b) Random Camel (renewal)(c) Golem 
2.30  Workshops & Working Group meetings 
Workshops will include with more to be confirmed… 
(a) Introduction to consensus decision making 
(b) Introduction to facilitation(c) Workers Coop Forum 
7.30  Supper & entertainment 

9 am  Breakfast 
10.00  (a) Business Meeting (open to everyone)(b) Trading Coops Working Group

BUSINESS MEETING AGENDAAnnouncements: (domestic issues only) 
2.  Appointment of minute-taker 
3.  RR Work Commitments & service payments for the next quarter 
4.  Reports back from workshops 
5.  Dates and venues of next four gatherings 
6.   Presentations from co-ops wishing to join 
7.  Presentations from member / associate member coops: Possible presentations from .Wild Peak, Hupla, Random Camel, Perpetual Spinach
8.  Any other business 
9.  Evaluation round (a) New groups / people 
(b) Members co-ops 
10.  Announcements of forthcoming gathering dates / events. 
12.30  Lunch 
1.30  Other workshops (if needed) 
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